How do I know if the Artaflex product will work in my application environment? Can I evaluate the modules somehow?

Understanding if a wireless system will function adequately in a given environment is difficult. To make it easier Artaflex has developed evaluation kits by combining Cypress demonstration boards with Artaflex modules, adapter boards and downloadable programmable hex files. Using this tool, customers can transmit packets back and forth between two development boards using Artaflex modules for a quick evaluation in their application environment. Customers can also change transmission channels, set transmission power levels, and also see signal strength and noise levels. The first will be a downloadable hex file that will allow the customer to use two Cypress evaluation boards (equipped with Artaflex modules) as hyper-terminals via the RS232 ports on each evaluation card. This way the customer can key in their own messages on one computer and verify they are being transmitted properly through to a second computer. The second is an evaluation tool for the AWP24U USB Dongle. Shortly a GUI will be released that will let customers transmit from an Artaflex module to the USB Dongle with the message being displayed on a computer. Contact Us for more information.